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  • PEPINIERES VITICOLES DAYDE is the European leader in the production of vine plants in pots and bare roots: Planting possible year-round. Grafted, rooted, certified, clonal selections, all varieties.... Supplier of: Bedding plants, bulbs and seeds | Nurseries | Vinestocks | stock cuttings | vine plants [+] white dessert grapes | root stock producer | red vines france | vine plants entav-inra certified | certified vine plants | producer of rootstock cuttings | producer of vine plants | white grape vine plants | red grape vine plants | grafted vine pots
    FRANCE - Montans
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  • The Salvi group works in all phases of the fruit and vegetable growing sector. In the first stage, the nursery, the main operational establishment is the Salvi Vivai S.S. farming company which... Supplier of: Nurseries | apricot trees | pear trees | peach trees | cherry trees [+] kiwi plants | tomato plants | fruit plants | plants stored in cool conditions | root stocks | plant stock | fresh plants | plum trees | apple trees | strawberry plants
    ITALY - Ferrara
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  • Herbs Egypt is a leading Egyptian company, specialized in growing, producing and exporting dried herbs, spices, and vegetables to all over the world. All our herbs, spices, and vegetables have the... Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | Herbs and plants for cooking | Spices | Condiments, extracts and spices | Dried flowers [+] Vegetables, dried | Plants and herbs, medicinal | Plants and herbs for perfumery | Food - import-export | Extracts for pharmaceutical preparations | Import-export - food and agriculture | Extracts, food | dried vegetables | dehydrated herbs | spices for food
    EGYPT - Giza
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  • Rekyva, SC is one of the biggest peat producers in Baltic region. Company produces natural peat and professional peat substrates for both hobby and professional growers. We are prepared to produce... Supplier of: Fertilizers and soil conditioners | Peat and compost | Natural fertilizers | ORGANIC FARMING | peat products [+] peat moss | lithuanian peat | peat moss for sale | organic peat moss | professional peat substrates | peat substrates for growers | peat substrates for agriculture | peat substrates for landscape | peat substrates for mushrooms | peat in grow bag

    Brands : SAULA | REMIX

    LITHUANIA - Siauliai
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  • Firm specialising in the manufacture, sale and distribution of dog and cat food. Also for horses and ferrets. Supplier of: Pets | Pet foods | food for rodents | ratchets | ferrets [+] dogs | dry food for pets | animal food | sale of dog food | sale of cat food | horse feed | ferret food | cattle fodder | rearing feed | domestic rodents
    SPAIN - Rocafort-Valencia
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  • BUTET: selling quality mushrooms since 1912. We are mushroom wholesalers at Rungis and we sell all kind of mushrooms. Forest mushrooms, cultured mushrooms, wild mushrooms, wood fungi, cultivated... Supplier of: Mushrooms | wild mushrooms | processed truffles | porcino mushroom (edible boletus) | morel mushrooms [+] asparagus | green beans | fresh mushroom | mushroom wholesaler rungis | forest mushrooms | asian mushrooms | dried mushrooms | cultivated mushrooms | sprouted seeds | niche vegetables
    FRANCE - Rungis Cedex
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  • GULLINO is one of Italy's leading export companies for kiwis, and also peaches, nectarines, plums and apples. Supplier of: Fruits and vegetables - import-export | Fruit | Fruit preserves | ORGANIC FARMING | Fruit juices [+] fresh fruit | kiwi fruit | plums | peaches | wholesale of fruit | plums | packed apples | apples | fruit export | fruit & vegetables
    ITALY - Saluzzo
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  • FOR EVERY MARKET. Industrial processes and marzipan. Supplier of: dried fruit, almond nougat, marzipan, ground almonds, toasted almonds, peeled almonds and almonds. Supplier of: Dried fruits | Marzipan | almond meal | almond nougat | almond exporter [+] marcona almonds | almond processing | almond | peeled almonds | almond exporter | valencia almonds | blanched almonds | toasted almonds | exporter of nuts and dried fruits | spanish almonds
    SPAIN - San Vicente Del Raspeig-Alicante
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  • Exporter of washed and unwashed, packed and industrial-grade potatoes - very wide range of yellow & red potato varieties, onions & carrots. Bruwier Potatoes n.v. enjoys its unique reputation in the... Supplier of: Vegetables, edible roots and tubers | Potatoes - instant preparations and mixes | Potatoes | french potatoes | washed potatoes [+] packaged potatoes | onions | potatoes - bintje | potatoes for industrial applications | carrots | varieties of red potatoes | belgian cartofi | belgian krompir | belgian burgonya | belgian patates
    BELGIUM - Waregem
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  • Spain's main natural honey producer and exporter. At MAES HONEY, we specialize in producing, packing and distributing wild-flower honey from meadows and forests. We have created various distribution... Supplier of: Beekeeping and silk culture | Honey | Dietary and organic foods | Foods, health | Import-export - food and agriculture [+] honey | honey | bees | food industry | dietetic foods | diet products | environmentally-friendly products | eucalyptus honey | thyme honey | oak-flower honey
    SPAIN - Aldeatejada-Salamanca
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  • Porc Mercatus is exporting Danish piglets to the European market. Our core business is the export of 3-raced Danish piglets and slaughter pigs to the European market. We offer a full-line service... Supplier of: Livestock - import-export | Pigs | Food - import-export | Pork | Meat [+] livestock | purchase-sale of pigs | danish piglets | export of danish piglets | export of danish pigs | worldwide export of piglets | weaners | slaughter pigs | export of live pigs from denmark | live pigs
    DENMARK - Tommerup
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  • The current business was created by the Cav brothers after World War II. Antonio and Ercole, settled in the premises that had already been chosen by the Doges of the former Most Serene Republic for... Supplier of: Textile plants | Fortified wines | Wines - Umbria | Wines - Italy | prosecco brut aoc [+] wines | wine-growing businesses | veneto wine | production of wines | wine producers | wineries | sparkling wines | prosecco | natural sparkling wines | marketing of wines and musts
    ITALY - Cordignano
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  • Since 1879, the Thaëron family has extended its expertise and business. Today, the company sells oysters, mussels, shellfish (raw and coodked) and crustaceans (raw and cooked) as well as a range of... Supplier of: Fish - import-export | Shellfish and crustaceans | packing of flat oysters for shipping | producer of brittany oysters | producer of packed breton oysters [+] producer of flat oysters from brittany | producer of fine belon oysters | producer of cupped oysters from brittany | supplier of cupped belon oysters | import-export of food products | thaeron: wholesale fish merchant and breton oyster farmer thaeron | supplier of shellfish and crustaceans from brittany | producer of bouchot mussels | producer of rope mussels | producer of large spanish mussels
    FRANCE - Riec Sur Belon
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  • The Agricultural Association Municipality of Dovras "FRUTOPIGI" employs approximately 45 people year round, and increases radically during the summer period. Our production center, with operations... Supplier of: Fruits and vegetables - import-export | fresh fruits and vegetables | kiwi fruit | oranges | packaged watermelons [+] mandarins | packed bell peppers | fruit & vegetables | fruit export | wholesale of fruit | cherries | cabbage | red pepper | fruit and vegetable wholesaler | green peppers
    GREECE - Veroia, Imathia
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  • Johnson was established in 2016, engages in the import & export business of goods and technology, including electronics, household appliances, agricultural products, mechanical... Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | Import-export - food and agriculture | Import-export - electrical and electronic equipment | Import-export - textile and clothing | Electronic components [+] Olive oil | Building materials | refrigeration equipment | coffee beans | alcoholic beverages | household appliances | agricultural products | printed circuit board | lamps and lanterns | milk powder
    CHINA - Zheng Zhou
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  • GREEK FRUITS KOUTSOGIANNOPOULOS & SONS G.P. is a family business operating in the import and export of fruits and vegetables. The company was founded in 1985 and its facilities and headquarters are... Supplier of: Fruits and vegetables - import-export | Citrus fruits | Grapes | fresh fruit | wholesale of fruit [+] fruit export | import of fruit | fruit export | fruit distributors | packaged watermelons | potatoes | onions | garlic | lemons | grapes import export
    GREECE - Andravida, Ilia
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  • Classik International is a Buying Agent specialized in Purchasing, Sourcing and Supplying any product to you from India. A 100% Indian Owned company since 1997 to deliver across geopolitical... Supplier of: Pets | International trade consultants | Clothes, women's | Clothes, men's | Furniture, designer [+] dog apparel | pet wear | t-shirts | men's t-shirts | women's t-shirts | wooden furniture | antique wood furniture | buying house agency | sourcing agency | procurement agency
    INDIA - Nashik, Maharshtra
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  • Ketoni Global Resources Limited - An International Agricultural Trading Company Ketoni Global Resources Limited is an international trading company located in Abuja, Nigeria. We specialize in... Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | Import-export - food and agriculture | agricultural products | trading company | powdered cocoa [+] ginger | gum arabic | shea butter | garcinia kola | gall stone
    NIGERIA - Abuja Fct
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  • Orienco, founded in 1990 is a wholesaler specializing in importing, processing (grilling, coating, salting), packing and distributing nuts. The nuts are sourced direct from the harvesters all over... Supplier of: Dried fruits | Fruits, dried | Crackers and snacks, salted | pistachios | almonds [+] cashew nuts | peanuts | chick-peas | exotic fruit | walnuts | hazelnuts | sesame seeds | toasted dry fruits | sunflower seed | tinned peanuts
    FRANCE - Goussainville
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  • LM shellfish producer and shipper for 2 generations. Located in the heart of L'Anse de Carteau in the Camargue, by the lakes and lagoons around Port-Saint-Louis. We breed Perle de Carteau at sea at... Supplier of: Fish - import-export | Shellfish and crustaceans | Import-export - food and agriculture | oysters | carteau oysters [+] mediterranean oyster producer | diploid oyster producer | camargue oyster supplier | oyster farmer | camargue oyster farmer | mediterranean shellfish supplier | camargue shellfish supplier | seafood wholesaler | mediterranean seafood wholesaler | marseilles shellfish wholesaler
    FRANCE - Port St Louis De Rhone
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  • Sagar Exports International was established in the year 1972. We are the leading Manufacturer, Suppler and Exporter of Matka Silk Fabric, Silk Fabrics, Natural Raw Silk Fabric, New Linen Fabric,... Supplier of: Silk fabrics | Threads and yarns, natural | Silk - threads and yarns | Bedside rugs | silk fabrics - production [+] mixed silk yarns for furnishing fabrics | silk furnishing fabrics | bamboo fabrics | silk neck scarf | silk spun yarns and threads | children's rugs | mexican blanket | linen saree | woman's ruffles | nursing scarf
    INDIA - Bhagalpur
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  • Our Company Pellagic Food Ingredients is established in the year 2012, January having its registered office in Bangalore with an aim to supply world class food ingredients with innovative approach to... Supplier of: Fruit | Spices | fruit purée | pineapple | sweet corn [+] tomato paste | organic products | water-melon | fresh vegetables | vegetables | mango | alphonso mango pulp | mango pulp | alphonso mango puree | totapuri mango pulp
    INDIA - Bangalore
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  • Atlas is an exporter of organic and conventional honey and frozen berries from Ukraine. Our customers are the largest and most reputable honey and fruit processors in Germany, France, Spain, and US.... Supplier of: Fruit | Honey | Fruit, frozen and deep-frozen | Frozen and deep-frozen foods | frozen fruits [+] frozen berries | organic fruit | oragnic fruits and vegetables | fruit and vegetable wholesaler | acacia honey | sunflower honey | forest honey | black berries | packaged raspberries | elderberries
    UKRAINE - Kiev
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  • We are a team of designers who are forged together through the interests in various materials. We have started this journey together to learn and develop from stories of people around the world and... Supplier of: Jackets, leather | Saddlery | leather jackets and coats for men | leather jackets and coats for ladies | leather bags [+] fine leather bags | leather travel bags | leather bags and accessories | duffel bags | leather belts | genuine leather belt | production of leather belts | dog collar | vintage clothing | leather wallets
    INDIA - New Delhi
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  • The company AgriProTech specialises in the manufacture and marketing of bird and pest scaring systems to protect crops. It develops autonomous, lastingly effective products for professionals in the... Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | Agriculture - Machines & Equipment | visual bird scarer deterrent and scarecrow | bird scarers for agricultural use | materiel and crop protection against bird damage [+] manufacturer of electronic bird scarers | manufacturer of pest deterrent systems | environmentally-friendly bird deterrent system | bird scarer for use in corn seedling fields | bird deterrent system for sunflower seedling fields | manufacturer of crow scarers | starling scarer supplier | pigeon scarer | system for keeping seagulls away | manufacturer of electronic acoustic bird scarer
    FRANCE - Mellac
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  • PURE: AMS EUROPEAN Group luxury off season vegetables and exotic fruit. AMS EUROPEAN is an importer of top of the range fruit and vegetables. PURE, our culture of excellence is the guarantee of a... Supplier of: Fruit | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | Vegetables, fresh | Tropical fruits | raspberries [+] exotic fruit | asparagus | limes | cherries | mangos | passion fruit | green beans | pomegranates | luxury fruit and vegetable rungis | top of the range fruit and vegetables

    Brands : PURE

    FRANCE - Rungis Cedex
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  • Dried fruits and nuts are our business! hpm Warenhandelsagentur was founded in 1990. We have been supplying European customers with dried fruits and nuts from producers all around the world for a... Supplier of: Dried fruits | walnuts | dates | pumpkin seeds | peanuts [+] ginger | packaged exotic fruit | almonds | pistachios | macadamia nuts | packed walnuts | sultanas | dry fruits | baking ingredients | organic products
    GERMANY - Hamburg
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  • Novafrut offers a full range of Italian and imported horticultural and fruit products: greenhouse vegetables, field cultivated vegetables, citrus fruits, clementines, melons. But also products from... Supplier of: Fruits and vegetables - import-export | Olives | distributors of fresh vegetables | fruit and vegetable wholesaler | citrus trees [+] dried fruit | vegetables | fruit export | export of vegetables | wholesale of fruit | packaged exotic fruit | import of fruit | import of vegetables | export of ready-to-serve products | export of dried fruits
    ITALY - Bologna
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  • Vigo Gerolamo produces, markets and transports plants. Several specialised companies have been created to organise these activities. Supplier of: Nurseries | Herbs and plants for cooking | Pot-grown plants | Plants and herbs for perfumery | Plants and herbs, medicinal [+] Flowers and plants, greenhouse | Nursery plants | sage plants | lavender | thyme plants | wholesale of plants | sweet marjoram | aromatic and medicinal plants | aromatic herbs | medicinal plants
    ITALY - Albenga
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  • Import, export, wholesale and contract processing of dried fruits, shelled and unshelled nuts, and seeds. Other products include organic products, cashew kernels, dried cranberries, dates, roasted... Supplier of: Dried fruits | Dietary and organic foods | Oilseed crops | walnuts | whole and shelled hazelnuts [+] packaging to order | candied fruit | almonds | sunflower seed | sultanas | peanuts | processed dry fruits | macadamia nuts | cashew nuts | packaged plums
    GERMANY - Kisdorf
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  • Cauliflower
    Old/original varieties...
    Forgotten or out of fashion, they are gradually making a comeback, much to our delight. Here, you... See product
  • Potatoes - Yellow skin
    Skin:Yellow Tubers:Large, Oval Flesh:Pale Yellow Dry matter:Low Cooking type:A (= firm-cooking) See product
  • FRUITS fresh and delicious
    and perfectly ripe under...
    Fresh Fruits & Vegetables of high quality and excellent taste. Email us for more info and visit our... See product
  • Excellent quality Pet...
    Excellent quality Pet...
    Classik International is enlisted amongst the reckoned names in the industry for sourcing quality... See product
  • Dog Collars
    Pure leather dog collars
    Pure leather hides through natural vegetable tanning. Metal studds with non-toxic high quality... See product
  • WILD BLUEBERRY Vaccinium...
    Wild Berries
    FREEZING : IQF tunnel HARVEST : July - August See product
  • Watermelon season begins in...
    Make your pre-orders
    Watermelons fresh from Ilia Greece Our * Varieties Crisby, Crimson Tide, Obla, Caravan, Samantha,... See product
    The company “VASILIOS PAN. SIAMPIS & Co.” distributes fresh fruit and vegetables throughout... See product
  • oyster mushroom strip
    Description: It is torn into strip by manual from fresh mushroom, the strip size may be adjusted as... See product
  • Rabbit Hutch for 2 Breed...
    Rabbit Hutch for 2 Breed...
    This rabbit cage for rabbits 2 breed is suitable for outdoor use, as it is made with walls in... See product
  • Apples
    This orange, yellow and red apple with oblate shape has a very aromatic, yellowish flesh. It's... See product
  • Pears
    Conférence is an excellent pear variety. Its bottle shape has a beautiful green and bronzed skin... See product
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